Faculty Evaluation System
July 29, 2017
February 26, 2020


It help manages and schedules 8 hours at the office. It helps teams to record tasks, update the status of the tasks on an hourly basis, users can move the tasks to another day if for certain reasons was not completed today, record vacations, record in-meeting status, and record outside of the office hours.

The app is collaborative the tasks can be shared and assigned to team members, the team members can create chat groups to chat on a particular task with particular team members.

- Sketches
- Prototype
- Visual Design
- Interaction Design
- User Experience Design

- Hand Drawn Sketches
- Adobe Experience Design
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator

Interactive Prototype


Activity Observed

I observed employees working in offices for eight hours, I tried to learn how they manage/ accommodate their tasks within eight hours and how they take notes. Also, I wanted to learn that during their work do they feel comfortable to get in discussions. I needed to observe the experience of a manager who wants to know the activities or the tasks his team mate is working on.


01. Employees at work need to manage 8 hours efficiently to give proper time to the tasks
02. They should be able to record the time for each task
03. They will be able to see the time when they are free
04. Employees can self-evaluate to see the reports of time they have spent on the tasks
05. They can share their task list to anyone
06. They can give rights to make changes to their task list
07. They should be able to see the pictorial graphs of the time they are doing tasks or free
08. They can export the list of tasks with time to any document (excel, doc or pdf)
09. Managers can create a daily task list for his team member
10. Team member will get notification of the task list that his manager has assigned
11. Manager can see the progress of the task list
12. Manager can edit the task list
13. Manager can create task list for himself
14. Any task can be worked on by multiple employees
15. Nonoffice related tasks during office hours can also be recorded to know the status of the employee
16. The reports of employees for a day, week, month and yearly can be exported out of this application.

Point of View

“ With good scheduling of tasks at the office, employees can manage and spend proper time to all of the tasks. ”

The real world

Employees at work really don’t try to manage the eight hours they are working rather they try to do their job as quick as possible, they take notes on note papers or outlook tasks to see what they have to work on and check whatever task is complete. They are interested to see how many hours they have worked and how many tasks they have done in a week or month.

Verbal Inspiration

01. Save time
02. Efficiency
03. Share
04. Manage
05. Schedule
06. Success



Properly utilizing 8 hours at work is quite a challenging job. if the tasks as divided into hours particularly then the time utilization and task management can be productive.


Team Leads, Managers or supervisors can make decisions for the employee evaluation if they exactly know how each team member is utilizing his/her tasks efficiently.


Drawn Sketches before creating a prototype of the app, tested sketches with the users to get feedback to understand the primer need of the app late the prototype was created depending on the refined sketches.

Final Wireframe

Drawn Sketches before creating a prototype of the app, tested sketches with the users to get feedback to understand the primer need of the app late the prototype was created depending on the refined sketches.

User Testing

Created an interactive prototype to do the extensive testing with the users, created a list of tests to test the prototype. Presented list to the testers to test, the testers gave feedback on each task. This helped me to find any interaction or flow problems in the application.

After testing with the users listed down all of the potential changes that need to be done in the prototype. Made changes in the prototype according to the user's feedback.

Interactive App Prototype

Now Its your turn to test ;)

01. Add a task for today

02. Review your past tasks and manage tasks if necessary

03. See the completed and tasks and clear them

04. See your colleagues status, that what they are doing at this time?

05. See your colleagues tasks and assign him one

06. Email and Print your task sheet